In 2022, 360 million of connected cars will be circulating, able to communicate not only internally but also with other vehicles, pedestrians, road infrastructures and the Internet. They will play a more proactive role in terms of safety and a better and more efficient driving experience.

Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) is a new generation of information and communication technologies that connect vehicles to the surrounding environment, and which goes alongside what is already traditionally in use, in terms of on-board communications.

Car manufacturers and Government bodies have been studying and experimenting for long time with new ways to achieve higher levels of safety and proceed with “secure by design” approaches. Correcting bugs through tempestive fix software is more and more challenging.

We can provide solutions to limit vulnerability on the Automotive CyberSecurity front with a system capable of non-invasively monitoring the vehicle’s CAN and MOST architectures, and through the collection and analysis of data, prevent data breaches and vehicle malfunctions regarding, for example, the exfiltration of private data and the alteration of the control systems’ parameterization.