We provide basic and advanced Cybersecurity services to assess company security posture and assure appropriate event management and reaction. Ransomware, data breach, IoT attacks, distributed denial of service (DDoS), deepfakes and several other possible types of attacks are real threats, that companies cannot afford to underestimate no more.

Our services are provided as single modules or packages, starting from an initial Security Focusing that evaluates systems’ availability, storage devices’ location, backup policies, availability, of DR sites, antimalware solutions, wifi devices, firewall and WAN networking, remote access and VPNs, password management policies for users, administrators and mobile devices.

More advanced assessments evaluate infrastructure elements for HVAC, telephony, video surveillance, printing devices and services, cloud service, monitoring solutions. After the evaluation, a complete report is provided. Remediation should be applied to reduce critical issues or mitigate possible impacts.

This is provided through technical activities on ICT infrastructures and configurations, and also on internal procedure, to adequate all the environment to compliancy rules for the specific business. We can also provide a software tool to assist in customers in periodic risk assessments, including penetration and intrusion tests.