STA (Servizi Tecnologie e Affini) is a company, member of the consortium Tomware scarl, which deals with ICT services, in particular maintenance and monitoring of network and data center, it owns and manages an help desk h24 and trouble ticketing, specialized technical support of I, II and III level,  monitoring systems’ management and related alarms, backup management and disaster recovery systems.

Our customers are medium and large companies, mainly multi-site, with complex issues, interested in outsourcing part of the support services in the ICT sector, which require technologies for the monitoring of the services  quality and the prevention of breakdown. They belong in particular to the banking sector, retail chains, the energy sector and telematic and telephone services as well as the public sector.

Over the years, STA has matured such skills and expertise necessary to handle the support for IT infrastructure with activities carried out remotely. Its main competences are technical configuration activities, testing and maintenance of all network equipment and related management software, as well as the drafting of security policies for their use.

Our current offer of standard services (help desk, technical support and network-related monitoring services) are integrated by specialized “niche” skills. This is a certain competitive advantage against large competitors, which have abilities only referred to widespread diffusion tools, especially declined in the “cloud” version. Our mission is to enhance the support offered for technological systems thanks to the excellent price/performance ratio and related to specialized products on which not all companies in our sector want to invest.